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Bloodlist - Complete and unabridged, read by Barrett Whitener

Available as CD, MP3, 8 hours, 39 minutes

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Ace reporter Jack Fleming wakes on the shores of Lake Michigan, bruise, bloodied--and dead. Join Jack on his first big case: solving his own murder!


 Lifeblood - Complete and unabridged, read by Barrett Whitener

Available as CD, MP3,  7 hours, 33 minutes

Blackstone Audio

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Reporter turned P.I. turned vampire Jack Fleming is getting used to being undead, but two crazed vampire hunters are on his trail, and they don't care who gets between them and their quarry!




Keeper of the King -  Performed by co-author Nigel Bennett

  3.5 hours

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I, Strahd, The Memoirs of a Vampire

Performed by Roddy McDowall

September 1993, Fiction Horror
Published by Random House Audiobooks
180 minutes, Single Reader, Abridged, Cassette


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A mystical tale of gothic horror featuring the most popular villain in the Ravenloft series. The very heart of evil in Barovia, Strahd Von Zarovich has ruled his land with an iron fist for nearly four centuries. He has risen to power through warfare, and his life has been comprised of armies and assassins, taxes and laws. Beneath the grim weight of these duties, Strahd is growing old. But few of the living know that The Devil Strahd, as his people call him, is a vampire lord.

My really big thrill about I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire was the audiobook, which was read by the legendary Roddy McDowall. I've always been a great fan of his work. That man can pick and choose what he does, so it was a tremendous thrill and compliment that he decided to perform my work. He did a marvelous job of it, and I'd be recommending it to people even if I'd not written the book! P.N. Elrod




The Living Dead  -  Robert Bloch

You'll Catch Your Death - P.N. Elrod

Stellar Audio; Volume 5: Horror edition

Stellar Audio   Brilliance Corp 1996 

ISBN-10: 1567409709     ISBN-13: 978-1567409703




My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding,  April 6, 2010

Brilliance Audio on MP3-CD Lib Ed; Library edition

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My Big Fat Supernatural Honeymoon   June 1, 2010

Brilliance Audio on MP3, CD, Lib Ed; Library edition


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