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Blood on the Water

This is the cover for the first edition of the paperback original, first published in 1992.

Acrylic on crescent board, painted by Vito DeVito, who now specializes in fine art landscapes, sculpture, etc., with work featured in a number of private collections.

The photos here don't do the detailing on the painting justice. It's hair thin fine with almost photographic clarity, but done old school. This is long before digital "Photoshopping" appeared. This is real painting by a master artist who knows his craft.

Included is a signed Certificate of Provenance from me. I'll need the name of the new owner to put on it.

Board and frame are 18 x 24 inches

Painting within coffin-shaped mat--just like on the book cover!--is 13 x 17.5 inches.

Originally purchased for $1,200.00.

Selling now for $650.00, USA only.

Price includes shipping for custom black metal frame and special non-reflective glass.

I can ship just the painting by itself for 600.00, however, by the time you buy your own frame, mat, and non-reflective glass it would cost more than fifty bucks. This way you can hang it up right away.

If you live outside the US and wish to buy, contact me and I'll adjust the shipping and insurance to your country. Payment through Paypal, which takes care of currency conversion.

Blood on the Water

Name, Certificate Provenance