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  • If you are from Nigeria and want a bank account number in order to stash the booty of a deposed dictator, please get a real job.


We know you know this but just so we're on the same page, 
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  • Ask Pat to read your novel, short story, first chapter, idea, etc. 


  • Ask for cover quotes.  You may go through channels to solicit such through her agent, Ms. Lucienne Diver, at Knight Literary Agency.   

    • No self-published books, sorry.


  • Send your story ideas for books;

  • Send her ANY fanfic or links to fanfic. 


    • She is NOT anti-fanfic; this has to do with all the legal & copyright stuff that she has to pay attention to because of her profession. More about this is on the Writing FAQ page.


    • The Quincey Morris novel is not Dracula fanfic.  Please check Wikipedia for info on PUBLIC DOMAIN.  The novel is in the public domain, meaning anyone can write a Dracula story.  To judge by all the titles out there, everyone HAS!



If you want to know about writing, 
go to the 808 section of your local library
and read it.  She did!

Or visit: www.sfwa.org/writing/



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Pat is convention-friendly!

If you would like her to be a guest at your con, 
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Alert from the Webmistress!

It has sadly come to our attention that some people, lacking in their own imagination 
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That's called STEALING.  

You know who you are.  Well, we do, too.

From the SFWA Website...  (Used with permission. Thank you, Dr. Andrew Burt!):

 "Electronic piracy, or e-piracy, is the theft of electronic rights from writers and artists. E-theft occurs when a party, without authorization from the copyright owner, makes an electronic copy of a work, and causes it to be available to others. It does not matter if this is done by the transfer of files from person to person, or if the work is posted to the Internet. It is still theft."


EVERYTHING on this website (and others on the 'Net)  is copyrighted, to the writers and artists who have been generous enough to share their work.  This has been done with their permission.  

They are trusting people  to respect the ownership of their contributions.

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