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P.N. Elrod Lunch Time Reading Omnibus II



The Devil You Know

In response to those who want a "reading" copy for their Kindles, Nooks and other devices, VampWriter Books has gone digital!

The Devil You Know is a (nearly) direct sequel to book three of the Vampire Files, Bloodcircle and is full of spoilers for that novel.

While this story can be read on its own, you will enjoy it more if you have read Bloodcircle first.

You have been warned!




What's more fun than one vampire on a case?

Two--especially when they don't like each other!


Wise-cracking, street-savvy vampire gumshoe Jack Fleming teams up with the wickedly genteel Jonathan Barrett, Gentleman Vampire, who's found a body on his Long Island estate and has no idea what to do about it.

Clues lead Jack back to his old stamping grounds in the newspaper world, slightly hampered by Barrett, who has his own ideas on how to conduct a murder investigation.

Before you can say "machine gun" both are up to their fangs in mobsters, murder, and mayhem in this fast-paced mystery adventure set in post-Prohibition New York.

Who can you trust? Perhaps only... 

The Devil You Know


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This novel is available as a signed, numbered, limited-edition trade paperback exclusively from VampWriter Books.



The P.N. Elrod Omnibus

First book in the

"Lunch Time Reading Series!"

Fifteen of her personal favorites have been given a fresh tune up, resulting in pages of new material.


An all-new VAMPIRE FILES adventure!

"Drawing Dead"

Vampire PI Jack Fleming deals a jackpot of trouble to a team of killer card sharks!



Kindle (download free app to read on your computer)

Trade paperback edition for you fans of print!

Elrod sez: "This collection was inspired by the fact that I like to read over lunch, and a short story is just the right length to get me through a sandwich with all the trimmings!"

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If the links to Nook and Smashwords do not work, it's because we're using Kindle's KDP Select on this one title for the next 90 days 12/29/11- 03/27/12. They demand exclusivity.








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