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Welcome to Myhr's Lair!


Lock up yer wimmin, chocolate, and pizza-


Half-man, half-cat and all-adventure!


  Art by Myhr's Best Bud--the peerless Jamie Murray!

Myhr: "I wouldn't be where I am today without whatshizname!"

The Adventures of Myhr 

    Myhr--rhymes with purr—is on the prowl through the Multiverse with his twisted wizard pal Terrin, singing for his supper and trying to get back to earth because he misses chocolate and the Beatles. Their rough landing on a new world gets rougher still as Myhr deals with a not-so-bereaved widow looking for a fall guy—or fall-cat as the case may be—and Terrin discovers his magic is draining away faster than a beer keg at a frat house party. If Hell freezes over, then it’s because Myhr—the coolest cat ever—has arrived!

120-MyhrsAdv_copy.JPG (49744 bytes)    Murray / Myhr: The Genesis 

 Pat sez: "This is the cover to my fantasy The Adventures of Myhr  which came out in June 2003.  

 The painting was done by my good bud Jamie Murray, who is ALSO the creator of Myhr. One Halloween several years ago he was experimenting with making latex masks and wanted to sculpt himself a werewolf mask, but the darn thing kept coming out with cat features. Jamie went with the flow and completed his first version of Myhr. There being a Science Fiction convention in the area he went, entering the costume contest. He walked across the stage, paused in the middle to rant at the audience in cat talk—!!—and won! Rowr-rowr! 

"The next convention Jamie was there as a rep for the TV station he worked for, and the con committee, thinking he knew all about audiences, asked him to emcee their costume contest. In real life a VERY shy fellow, Jamie said yes, but only if he could wear the cat face. They were delighted. Jamie was a touch freaked to find he had this whole other personality in him that only came out when Myhr was around! Since then he has displayed his wonderful art pieces at countless conventions, and Myhr has endeared himself to countless fans."



Altego_copy.JPG (28732 bytes)

The Artist and His Alter-Ego. Jamie Murray’s self-portrait with his good bud, Myhr.


"The Adventures of Myhr is a departure from all the bloodsuckers and I trace its roots directly to AggieCon XXX a few years ago. I’d been threatening Jamie about putting Myhr into a book someday, which he thought was a pretty cool idea. Someone else wanted to do Myhr’s story as a comic book and came up with a lot of background, but that never happened. There was talk of a kid show TV pilot, but that never worked out either. In the meantime Jamie painted, went to Beauty and the Beast conventions and Myhr stole hearts.

"But at THIS special AggieCon 30 (XXX to everyone else!), while we were all out on the guest’s big Saturday night dinner, the idea clicked in my head on how to make it work: team him with the insane Troy Rhodes. Troy is impossible to explain, you’ll just have to read the book when it comes out to meet HIS alter ego, a wizard named Terrin.

BookMyhr.JPG (135909 bytes)  CoverSketch.JPG (117202 bytes)  MyhrBWSketch.JPG (45134 bytes)  PirateMyhr.JPG (231242 bytes)  

Myhr--with and on various versions of the book cover.  There's no pirates in the book--we're saving those for another story!

 B-Files.JPG (54354 bytes) 

Check out MORE of Jamie's fabulous art at:



Pat"The idea of these two guys blipping around the Multiverse, trying to find their way back to earth, but not going too fast because they're having way too much fun, eventually became the book. Suffice to say I’ve been up to my old "casting" gimmick again. This time I lifted several of the actors (that's actors, NOT the characters) from Forever Knight and dropped them into the story

Like a breakdown?     Okay!

Overduke Anton:  Nigel Bennett

Debreban: Geraint Wyn Davies

Shankey: John Kapelos

Lady Filima: Deborah DuchenÍ

Velma: An actress I once saw on the old Mickey Spillane series, playing his secretary Velda.

Myhr: himself  

AssassinFantastic.JPG (41191 bytes)Myhr goes on a tour of hell to assassinate a dead man.  Many of the elements in Myhr's Adventure in Hell were used (with much more humor!) in the novel.






Myhr narrates his second hilarious adventure attending a "hell con" in   

The Name of the Game   

in "All Hell Breaking Loose" from DAW books.  



  Myhr_Pat.GIF (49467 bytes)

Pat:  "Me and Myhr all pally at a Little Rock convention. When the power went out in the hotel, the gamers emerged from the pitch dark basement and hit the dealer’s room. Finally—I managed to sell all the books I’d brought!"

"A bunch of us went out to eat on Saturday night of the convention, which happened to be prom night for a local high school.  It was a total hoot watching the reaction of all the cat-loving kids in their formal clothes when Myhr walked into THAT particular restaurant!



books.8.gif (46220 bytes)



"Brother, don’t we look COOL! Same convention, this time with me helping host the costume contest as MY alter ego: The Blues Sister Elrod. (I LOVE those movies!) This is a favorite costume of mine, but the one drawback is I can barely see through my ultra dark Rx lenses!"



MyhrPat.JPG (69539 bytes) 

Myhr and his good bud and biographer, "Major Elrod," at AggieCon XXX.  Pat's in her full Stargate-SG1 uniform, right down to the patches and dogtags.

It was at this convention that fellow guest--and Elrod's collaborator--Nigel Bennett asked for Jamie to do the cover art for the next Lord Richard, Vampire novel!




Jamie and Myhr love hanging out at conventions with all kinds of fans and they both get in some world-traveling too. Their favorite vacation spot?  Myhr-tle Beach!

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