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 The Vampire Files
Featuring undead PI
Jack Fleming

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1   - Bloodlist
2   - Lifeblood
3   - Bloodcircle
4   - Art in the Blood
5   - Fire in the Blood
6   - Blood on the Water
7   - Chill in the Blood
8   - Dark Sleep
9   - Lady Crymsyn
10 - Cold Streets
11 - Song in the Dark
12 - Dark Road Rising

The Devil You Know
A signed, limited edition
"sequel" to Bloodcircle
available only from this website!


Jonathan Barrett:
Gentleman Vampire

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1 - Red Death
2 - Death and the Maiden
3 - Death Masque
4 - Dance of Death


Collaborating with
Nigel Bennett:

Lord Richard, Vampire

1 - Keeper of the King
2 - His Father's Son
3 - Siege Perilous


Quincey Morris: Vampire

A Sequel to Dracula


The Adventures of Myhr

Fantasy Original



I, Strahd

1 - Memoirs of a Vampire

2 - The War Against Azalin

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Volume 1: Bloodlist, Lifeblood, Bloodcircle

Volume 2: Art in the Blood, Fire in the Blood, Blood on the Water

Volume 3: Chill in the Blood; Dark Sleep

Volume 4: Lady Crymsyn; Cold Streets

Volume 5: Song in the Dark; Dark Road Rising

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Dark Road Rising


The 12th Vampire Files novel!


Even when you're undead,
being a top mob boss doesn't
put you on Easy Street.



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Jack Fleming's wounded partner is on the critical list, and his star-struck girlfriend is tempted by the siren song of Hollywood.

He's ducking cops looking to pin him with a double murder rap and two hit men who don't care who gets between them and their target.

Old and new enemies—and even friends—are gunning for Jack, but his toughest job is keeping track of Gabriel, a dangerously unstable vampire with deadly secrets to hide.

Jack must stand alone against his own worst fears, making hard and fast life-and-death decisions.

No good can come from any path he takes.

Because for a vampire, all roads lead into darkness...


























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