Common signs of psychopaths: victimhood and gaslighting

Keeping up with this highly competitive times of this era is one of the most human instincts of survival typical for this generation. This is also one of the most desired skills to have now since the information is abundant in this age of information we are living in, people have various ways for mastering the social skills.

There are few things we will dive into today to take a good look at few signs that should be treated as signs of a danger as you see them in a person. These are the signs that will note you of a need to raise your guards and stay away from these people.

Constant gaslighting

You may often hear or come across these terms once in a while. In case if you are unfamiliar or wondering what it is, this is a form of psychological manipulation that involves these psychopaths to bully other people emotionally. For instance, they will play word games and mental tricks to make you doubt your own personality, identity, worth and every positive traits that build you up to be the strongest person. They will just simple shatter them down if you are caught off guard. This is even worse and horrible if your partner or someone close to you possess this trait.

Smooth transition to victimhood

The whole personality can take a different turn if there psychopathic behaviour is addressed or pointed to it. Such people can become absolutely oblivious of the behaviour pointed or will show no sign of remorse or worse, they can counter attack you blaming you of various things. They can also become extremely violent and aggressive to defend both their true nature and false nature.

In some situations, they will act as a victim and straight claim that they have been victimised by some or other people, which in reality may not be true or even closely related to the truth. Playing victim is one of the classic psychopath tricks to carry on their immoral behaviour on free will.

While these points are not creating a full list of the patterns that has been found about psychopaths, these points can certainly give you a heads-up next time you encounter such a person. Psychopaths and sociopaths, these terms are often used interchangeably.

Things can be pretty difficult if your loved one is such a person. In that case, you will definitely either seek help for this person, or, f nothing works, you better be your own judgement since you mental and physical health gets priority as well. You would not hold the fire in your palm for so long even if you love to play with fire.