Protect yourself from these psychological patterns

The majority of us go out and hangout with people and we genuinely enjoy doing that no matter whether it is for personal or business purposes. We are growing up, shaping ourselves by our respective parents, school and college and moving on to set off for our destinations of our choice.

There is one of the trickiest part the looms upon when it comes down to recognising people and their true nature. Most of the time it is easier to notice people with their true nature depending on our feeling and sensations finding them either pleasant or unpleasant. Yet, there is also a kind of people, with whom you would only had to wait for the surprise as you come to know them for a particular time. These are two possible signs of such people.

No remorse

While hiding the remorse from something as you feel not a good place to show it since there may be a chance that showing your weaknesses will result in some sort of exploitation or manipulation, it is a good idea to hide it. It is important, that although you do hide it, you truly feel it. Yet, this is not the case for people diagnosed or suspected to be under the psychopath category.

These people often will show you no remorse, guilt or shame, whatsoever. This can lead to very disturbing results to some degree that can cause great turmoil in the society or the person’s family life or surroundings. If you share your feelings with them, you will become a victim of their immense criticism or absurd judgement. They will simply feel good letting you down. Such a behaviour leads to our second point.

Exploiting others

Psychopaths can be really cold when it comes down to feelings. Psychopaths of the top of the social hierarchies operate differently than the psychopaths under the mid or lower range of the social hierarchy. These people are extremely ambitious to the point that they would go to any extent to fulfil their demand in social status and life in general. Often, these people live an extremely lonely life due to their repelling attitude towards people and communication. They would often socialise when there are some benefits lying ahead for them or feel they can gain something out of the socialisation.

These people can tread on other people to climb up the ladder and in some cases, can even throw other off balance to maintain their power and position. They will not care about other people’s lives or feelings to exploit them for their success at expense of abusing anyone else since it is always about them that comes first.