Identifying disturbing signs in communication

As a human being, we intrinsically socialise and connect to other people. Friends, family, romantic relationships, colleagues, the list goes on. Something so beautiful takes place when we connect to beautiful people. It remains as a memory. Every time we trace them, leads to a wide smile on our face.

For professionals, this socialising is even more crafted and carefully carried on. They all learn to build a different level of social skills where things are not so emotionally attached and rather becoming a part of a group of people working towards achieving a same goal. Still they connect so well on a different level than they do while they themselves are with their families and friends. Those are absolutely fine in the business world. In fact, this is a healthy way to draw the line between work and family life.

Negative experience of socialising

Unfortunately, not all of us understand the way communication is working from the both sides or specifically from the other side. How is it coming along from another person? This is even so true if we are meeting someone for the first time. Not every meeting will come out to be a pleasant meeting. Not every one of them will draw wide smile on our face but a different wide range of negative emotions. It could be bringing your eye brows together, a steep up lifting motion of your chin in disgust or a bad memory. Some may not even make it to remember the meeting since they may have to pay their price of that meeting.

Today, we will look for some common signs or patterns that scream red flag and can be used as a warning post for identifying psychopaths.

Suspiciously dominating

While other people having a pleasant chat over a cup of tea or a couple of beers having good laugh when they are with their friends, colleagues, family members that is absolutely something we all do, things are not same when we sit over a table of a serious discussion whether it is inside an office, meeting room or some other serious business going on. We tend to be a little dominating to establish what we think would be best for the common goal that we are trying to achieve.

Yet hiccups for those, who are extremely dominating in almost every social situations, not only outside but at home as well. These people can really be so manipulative. They can go to any length to even put some bait for the people they are trying to dominate. They will slowly creep inside your zone, gain trust, get the necessary information and then bam! When the time comes, those same information is heavily used against you for every step of your life!

Lying to the next level

These people often tend to resort to lot of unnecessary lies to build up their own image or to get something out of the people they meet. They often make up stories in order to make their world more appealing to others and trying to create impression. The purpose of this is much more malicious than a silly social glitch. They would lie almost every step in their life. To the point that they may not even recognize themselves.

Criticism goes beyond

These people will often include a whole bunch of people or society for over a single mistake made by some one person. They will bring the whole range of ethnicity, norms, culture, race and what not to draw a conclusion which may seem absurd to normal people. For example, a lady walking her dog in the park and dog and the psychopath sees this. Now this criticism can goes beyond these lady, to the dog to its specimen, to the park, to the state, to the whole country and of course, the leash has not been at mercy either.

Trouble with law

People under psychopathic condition, get into trouble with law enforcement more often than just an accidental trouble with law once in a lifetime or few. They will get into heavy law enforcement and trouble, multiple felonies and what not. Their top most victims are their loved ones, friends, family. Most often their marriage falls apart and the other person is often left with various threats.

Stuck pronouns

A psychopath will always talk about themselves. Not about others. Even if something is asked about their family or friends, they will still persuasively evade the question directing these topics a way towards themselves. “I” or “me” is always there. It may seem as they have an excessively obsessive way of talking only about themselves. While talking about someone’s self is absolutely normal and quite natural from time to time, you will notice the subtle difference of the conversation flow when they are heard and it comes to the other people’s turn. They will not even bother listening to them and will interrupt over and over again to talk about themselves.

If you come across anyone with such behavioural patters, it should be a red flag for you to leave this people in a passive way.