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If we take a pause and look out at the world, our rather busy world to be precise, we will see how everyone is chasing something. This is even much more scenic in a city with its overwhelming pace of living. From a child’s first day in this world until we are among the crowd, we have to constantly rush, became someone and keep on becoming someone. Everybody wants to be the top of one’s game, no matter what profession one is in. Everybody wants to reveal one’s full potential.

Yet, what is so wrong with being at the bottom? Low social values? Is it about social values though? Or is it personal? With all of these, let’s get into the world of mind first.

Is it possible to improve your memory?

Whether we want to be on the top of the game or its bottom, we all possess some natural human ability to store and fetch necessary information from memory. Just like the hard drives inside our computer or an SD card used in a mobile phone. Human brain is super powerful to collect and retrieve memories but still not as much as a computers. Although, computer itself is made by human.

So, how is that? What is happening here? While this true, the distinction is not so subtle though. Human brain is constantly updating and maintaining memory along with lot of other 24/7 background processes. Human mind and memory are a way more complex than just a grid of hardware memory storage.

Yet, there are few ways we can make sure to have that highly intelligent capability to keep and use memories. Regardless of the position of the hierarchy one wants to be at. There are more than merrier for everybody and that is our innate human gift from the birth. It is worth noticing that as human we, on average, naturally use 5% of our brain. The rest of the 95% is heavily relies on our own decision to boost it up or keep it there. Also, take note that this skill of gearing up your brain capacity is regardless of the age, race and gender. So, let’s take a gander at few of these points that may come in really handy.

The Gateway

The very first thing one can practice is the gateway to the road of memory booster. This is the will to make it so. You need to constantly remind yourself of your purpose in any situations. If you need, keep a reminder app to remind you of your purpose everyday. You can also stick a sticky note around to remind this. This can as simple as “ I am building up my brain power”. With this along with some right techniques to guide you through that what is effective for you and will prove to be effectivewith daily practice.

Learn anything

If you have been at rest or doing something that you prepared yourself for throughout your life, and finally you got it and doing the job of your dreams or managing a business of your dreams, chances are you are maintaining an easy-going life with nothing new on your plate. While this might seem to be an absolute bliss and enough for many people, it can appear rather frustrating for others.

These other individuals are someone who had developed a need to increase their neuroplasticity. This is the feature of our brain allowing it to grow and create links to other parts of your brain therefore making new connections and in turn growing new cells over time. When you begin to learn something new, you actively spark a lot of regions of your brain and keep it fresh from getting rusty over time. This also will help you to fight off Alzheimer’s disease over time.

Healthy sleep

How wonderful it is that something so mundane as sleeping can help us grow our brain. Yet, this is one of the overlooked or not so emphasized point that is often mentioned when it comes down to boosting your memory. Still, this is one of the most effective ways to build up the functions of your brain. This is also something not just getting enough sleep but sleeping in time and waking up in time. A healthy sleep is around 8 hours for adults and minimum at 6 hours at night. Getting a deep sleep helps us to restore our energy and recharge our mind and body for the next day. If this is ignored, no other technique will come in favour of building the brain power.


Learning new words and practicing to recall them by putting them in use over and over again will help you immensely to develop your brain and memory power. This may sound so simple yet hard to master since, we barely let the habit of enriching our vocabulary be built first. We make a resolution to do something and over time it gradually drops down fading out completely. Therefore, point number one mentioned here is really crucial. Pick a random word and try to memorise. Soon, you will develop the habit of enriching your vocabulary.

While these points can certainly give you a good head start, there are even more to explore, however, these ones will certainly give you good jump start.

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  1. Definitely stimulants such as alcohol and cigarettes destroy memory. I advise you to avoid them

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