The truth about staying focused

We have all come across people who would startle if you call them out even in public. These people can zone themselves out even in the middle of utter chaos. If we look at all of the great figures throughout the history, they all maintained a sharp focus at what they were doing, whether it is a task at hand or just simply listening to someone. We have also come across people who simply cannot keep up with their own focus. They usually behave in the way typical for individuals who are often called drifters. They would just simply drift away and focusing on something is a constant struggle if not a war for them. But what about the rest of people? Is there an observer between them?

Is it possible to be constantly focused?

No matter whether you fall under one of the focused person or a drifter, or even under the category of observers, you certainly want to step up your game by maintaining your focus better. Thing is, although, all those role models or the people we sometimes look up to, have their own drifter moments. Nobody can maintain their focus as much as 24/7 unless the person is a monk practicing some heavy focusing tricks unknown to anyone. Still, even for them there are times when their practices will fall. This is some inborn human nature we all possess. So, it is better to keep the superhuman nature aside to maintain focus 24 hours. Let’s see how close we get to 24 hours of constant focused person.

There are few exercises we can practice and get a strong grip over our attention span. Let’s see some of them.

Why is it so difficult for modern people to stay focused?

The people who were born after the 1990s have certainly heard from their parents or grandparents or anyone else from older generations about the “simpler times” they used to live in. They could maintain their focus longer than we can do it, that is why their time seemed to be simpler. This is not true for us for all the people living in this age of information and growing up in this age of information. We are constantly struggling to keep up with vast amount of information coming to our feed.

The moment we start to work, there are multiple things going on and we need to keep a track of all of them at the same time. This is also an age of multitasking and we have to perform it in the midst of constant distraction.

Have you ever been in a place, be it a workplace or some other location, where people are just so busy doing there works that they are almost devoured by it and are not distracted by the heavy yelling or noise in the office? Somehow, they are switching there tasks from one to another so smoothly without complaining to everyone wishing them to shut up or keep it low.

Can you increase your focus?

While the habit factor definitely comes in play here, there is something else preceding the habit factor. This is exactly what we call a focus. Getting in the zone can be a really tricky for someone who has just got into the business. If you are looking for a job or building your way up in the career, let’s see some ways to improve and prolong our attention span.

Actually, poor focus can be an indication of many conditions. This means you can really improve your focus if you address them in the first place. There is no need to label yourself and criticise for not being able to keep your focus on the desired level. Start with assessing your current situation. It might be that you are just too stressed and absorbed with various problems which does not allow you to be fully present when you are working on your tasks. Furthermore, you might be just too tired which is actually the greatest enemy of your focus.

Even if everything is fine with your life in general, there are many exercises which can improve your focus especially if you perform them on a daily basis and develop a habit of their repetition.

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  1. I don’t think it is possible for a person to stay focused at all times. we need time to relax and rest

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