How to get rid of sugar addiction?

Do you have any acquaintance who literally doesn’t care about eating sweet products? Whenever you are meeting and enjoying a cup of coffee such a person doesn’t eat any cupcakes or cookies and won’t eat even the smallest piece of a chocolate bar! You might think your friend is going through a fierce internal battle trying to appear totally chilled out while you are indulging yourself with sweet treats. Of course, it might be happening, however, there are many people who are actually totally free of any craving for sugar and it is real to become one of them. If you want to learn how, this is a right place for you!

Don’t resign immediately from eating any sugar you have been consuming

Unless your will power is of an inhumane strength, it is not a good idea to stop consuming any sugar at once, especially, if you eat large amounts of sugary foods on a daily basis.

In fact, any dietary changes should be made gradually since they are causing immense changes in the microbiota of your gut. Microbes living in your intestines are actually playing a great role in the experience of craving for any food you like. This happens since the more you are feeding your body and, automatically, the microorganisms as well, the more is their population thriving on this particular type of food. The more is the population, the more the amount of chemical compounds they are producing interfering with the receptors in your body making you eat even more of that food.

That is why, in order to gradually come over this transition of your dietary pattern without suffering and risking eating even more sugary foods, you should cut down sugar intake slowly.

Be aware of hidden sugar

One of the greatest mistakes made by people who would like to stop eating sugar is misunderstanding of the ingredients added into various foods.

First of all, many people do not regard sugar added to drinks as sugar intake at all. Such people might not eat anything sweet during a day, but adding sugar to their tea or coffee, let alone drinking soft sweet beverages can easily surpass the overall amount of sugar consumed by people who indulge themselves with a single dessert a day while having drinks exclusively free of sugar.

Secondly, you should understand that the food containing sugar shouldn’t be necessarily a dessert at all. Many popular salty foods are still filled with sugar. The majority of products made from processed meat, sauces, spice mixes and other foods have large amounts of sugar. Of course, dairy products such as yogurts and flavoured cottage cheese can also include sugar. Pay your attention to these hidden ingredients while reducing the consumption of sugar.

Finally, you should be aware of the sugar contained in fruits and especially fruit juices. The later are a kind of a product you should resigned from consuming at all since it is far poorer when it comes to it nutritional value than fruits while being far more sweeter than whole fruits. At the same time, try to resign from eating particularly sweet fruits such as grapes or bananas as well.

Include more protein into your breakfast

Starting your day with a portion healthy protein is one of the best things you can do to your body. Proteins are able to reduce the amount of ghrelin which is a hormone of hunger and, at the same time, they can increase the amount of pancreatic polypeptide which is a chemical compound released once your body feels satiation. As a result, consuming such kinds of food in the morning will help you to reduce the overall amount of food eaten during the day and, what is more important, the number of sweet treats.

The best choices of the sources of protein for your breakfast are unsweetened Greek yogurt, unsweetened peanut butter or eggs.

Don’t let yourself feel severe hunger

There are many approaches to a healthy diet. While some people believe you should eat up to six times a day consuming small portions of products regularly, others are promoting intermittent fasting. It is difficult to say which option is better since the body of every person is different as well as one’s lifestyle. Yet, when it comes to the level of sugar in your blood, you should understand that not only eating sweet foods can make it unstable, but also going through periods of intensive hunger as well.

Making oneself feeling starvation makes the glucose level in the blood drop severely which triggers various unpleasant symptoms such as dizziness, headache and overall weakness. Naturally, your body responds to them with an urge to eat something sweet which you definitely don’t want since you decide to get rid of your sugar addiction.

Search for new flavours

Actually, many of us are not aware of the abundance of delicious flavours of different food and dishes which are not necessarily sweet at all. If you want to change your daily rituals of having a cup of coffee with some sugary treat into eating something healthy, you should discover more simple recipes for delicious snacks.

For instance, a plate of cheese with a tomato, fresh basil leaves and olive oil is something the majority of people will enjoy eating and won’t need much time to prepare. This treat will be far better for your health than having a package of cookies for getting rid of your hunger quickly.