Simple ways to increase your metabolism

If you have ever tried to get rid of extra weight, in all likelihood, you have come across the information about the importance of increasing your metabolism. Indeed, fast metabolism is something that helps people to relish their favourite dishes on a regular basis and still not put extra kilograms. Needless to say, the majority of people are not thus lucky and their metabolism is rather slow. Increasing metabolism will not only help you to maintain healthy weight, but you will also be able to benefit from the detoxification of your body which is far more better with a faster metabolic process.

Fortunately, it turns out that you do not have to do anything complicated in order to improve the metabolism of your body. Here, you will find several suggestions how to do it without purchasing any extraordinary products or going through any exclusive procedures.

Consume dark chocolate daily

The health benefits of eating dark chocolate are known to everyone. Dark chocolate is a great product for increasing the production of serotonin, thus, helping to cope with stress, whereas a high amount of magnesium in this product is particularly beneficial for cognitive functions of your brain.

Still, not everyone realises how dark chocolate and cocoa in general are beneficial for the metabolic process in the human body. According to multiple studies, dark chocolate has a sufficient amount of particular compounds of flavans, known as falavan-3-ols which can normalise the sensitivity of your body to insulin. This is crucial for a balanced metabolic process which will better transform food into energy rather than store it in a form of fat.

In order to give your metabolic process a boost with dark chocolate, it will be sufficient to add only forty grams of the product into your daily diet. Yet, don’t forget about the importance of choosing really dark chocolate with a minimum amount of sugar and without any flavour additives. According to studies, your metabolic process will be improved within two weeks.

Do not resign from short sport sessions

Needless to say, doing sport exercises is one of the best ways to increase the speed of a metabolic process in your body. Active movements help to supply your body with oxygen which is vital for appropriate functioning of the cells of your body. In addition to it, oxygen in your body is also effective for detoxification.

The problem is the majority of modern people do not have too many opportunities during a day to move. The lifestyle of millions of people is almost completely sedentary with mere two hours during a day spent upright. Undeniably, the time spent on physical exercises is even smaller.

Whenever we would like to start doing any kind of sport, we usually feel an obligation of doing it thoroughly changing into our best sport clothes, setting high goals and spending at least an hour per session. Needless to say, it is not thus simple for the majority of us to dedicate such an amount of time and energy for sport on a daily basis. For that reason, so many people simply resign from doing it at all which is a great mistake,

In order to exhilarate your metabolic process, it is enough to spend even ten minutes a day on some active exercises, especially on aerobic kinds of sport. Of course, it doesn’t mean that spending such a small time on exercises will help you to burn the fat and melt the kilograms. This will just help your body to function properly when it comes to the digestion of food and transformation of energy in the cells.

In order to maximise the effect from these exercises, you can perform four or five sets of quick exercises which will take a couple of minutes between the sessions of performing other work. The researchers have found out that short exercises can increase the usage of calories in the body up to a couple of days. The bottom line here is to exercise even if you don’t have enough time for a full training session.

Drinking cold water

Everyone who has ever tried to lose weight has definitely heard about the magic functions of water in our bodies. On the one hand, drinking a sufficient amount of water helps to detoxify the body. On the other hand, drinking a glass of water some twenty minutes before meal will help you to feel satiated after consuming a smaller portion of food.

Yet, you should also be aware of another trick which can be made by drinking cold water. Filling your stomach with cold water will cause a rapid increase in the metabolism since your body will be doing it best to normalise its temperature. Thus, drinking cold water before eating will help your body to burn the calories more effectively.

Sleeping a sufficient amount of time

Sleeping enough is crucial for your health in general. Still, looking at this normal physiological process from the point of view of losing excessive weight, it is crucial to understand that sleeping is the time when a crucial hormone leptin is produced. Leptin is widely known for weight regulation in the body.