When making a surprise is a bad idea

Surprise is a word that can be met in various languages, but not in all of them a surprise is explained as something positive. Usually, a surprise is something unexpected, but it can turn out not only as something joyful. Unfortunately, in some cases, a surprise can cause discomfort and negative feelings in those whom we would like to surprise. That is what we should keep in mind in order to be able to protect ourselves from spoiling everything by making a surprise, especially in particular situations. You will learn more about such situations in this article.

An unexpected marriage proposal

What can be more romantic than an unexpected marriage proposal? Undeniably, you have watched at least one of the films with a beautiful scene in which a man comes to his beloved woman not expecting anything such. He stands on his knees and gives her a beautiful ring making her cry of happiness. Usually, such an event also takes place in a public place, or, even a rather crowded place, so everyone surrounding the couple can share this historical moment with them.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, it sounds amazing, however, in the real life, such surprises can have different outcome.

If you have never discussed a perspective of a marriage with your significant other, you should be prepared to different scenarios. It doesn’t necessarily mean that the lady of your heart doesn’t love you or treat seriously. Sometimes, a woman can simply freak out by such an unexpected event which is actually requires a pretty serious decision from her. She might have various reasons some of which can even be difficult for understanding, but they are still important for her. For that reason, you should better check the reaction of your potential fiancée in a less dramatic way.

Paying an unexpected visit

An unexpected visit of the people you love and care about, especially the one that will last for a couple of days if these people are living in another city, sounds as a great surprise. Yet, it is not like this for everyone. No matter whom you would like to visit, whether they are your friends, your partner or even your parents, it is not a good idea to put them in such an extreme situation by coming absolutely out of a sudden.

You never know what this person is going through right now. He or she might be rather busy at work, have their own plans or simply have a huge mess at home which they don’t want anyone to see. Thus, you can cause an absolutely adverse reaction in these people, although they love you a lot. At the same time, they will be feeling even more uncomfortable since they won’t be able to tell you it is not the best time for paying a visit.

If you really want to make a surprise for these people, you should first make an appointment for the date when it will be better for you to visit them and just purchase some nice unexpected present for them.

Unexpected return

Sometimes, we have to leave our home for a couple of days or even a longer period of time, for instance, because of our work. Yet, it turns out, that we can come back earlier than we have planned. This is great, however, it will be better if we inform our partner that we are coming back soon rather than making such a surprise to this person.

In all likelihood, your significant other, missing you a lot would feel more comfortable if he or she is able to prepare for your arrival. Do not think, coming unexpectedly, you will find your loved one with some lover, however, it is quite possible he or she might be caught at home wearing a dirty T-shirt totally absorbed by a computer game.

Actually, if the real purpose of your surprise is making your partner happy, the one will be happy just because you have come back and there is no need for anything unexpected. Yet, if you hope to check this person, making sure whether your partner is a lone while you are out, do not pretend it is a surprise. This is just a lack of trust and an attempt to control another one.

Making an unnecessary present even if it is expensive

Some people are sure that once you get a present, you have to be happy because of that reason. They simply do not understand you might pretend to be happy, but this appearance is not necessarily your sincere reaction.

Some unnecessary presents can be successfully hidden somewhere or even handed over to your acquaintances who really need them, but this is not possible to do with each and every thing. Certainly, it is rather difficult to do something like that with an expensive present or a large one that is supposed to be visible in your home all the time.

For example, you can get some large kitchen device that you do not need at all. You might even not be able to keep it in your home because of its immense size. Another good illustration of such a situation is receiving a piece of art that you totally dislike or find unsuitable for your interior design. Even if you pretend to be extremely grateful for getting such a thing, the person who gave it to you will understand everything once he or she doesn’t find it in your house. Both this person and you are suffering.

In order to avoid such situations, you should understand the best surprise is giving the thing which this person is really dreaming about.