The imperfections of your body you do not have to fight with

Unfortunately, the technological progress and the wide access to the information are making us especially vulnerable to not being able to meet various standards about which we can here everywhere. The standards for being a successful person include the requirements for our career achievements, our psychological development and, of course, our appearance.

Looking at the abundance of perfect images surrounding us in the modern world, it is rather difficult to find oneself attractive. Furthermore, some people find themselves downright ugly because of various conditions which are actually extremely widespread. Don’t let the imperfections of your body described in this article to deprive yourself from the self-love.

Flawless skin

Undeniably, the first part of the body everyone is looking at meeting a new person is one’s face. Needless to say, we would like it to look perfect, especially after seeing so much beautiful faces on the Internet. Yet, it is not so simple for people in the real world to have ideal skin especially on their faces. Almost everyone has at least one of these changes on their facial skin such as acne, scars, beauty spots, freckles, rosacea, vitiligo and other types of pigmentation.

Although the modern trends were able to change our attitude to the majority of this skin conditions, promoting even the beauty of some of them, for example, of freckles, acne still remains a major skin problem not accepted by the majority of people.

Sadly, many people believe it is enough to just start washing one’s face properly in order to get rid of acne which never works in the reality. According to statistics, almost the tenth part of the world population is struggling with this skin condition, however, many of us still regard these people just lazy and unwilling to keep their personal hygiene on a sufficient level. The public is offering a solution though which is hiding a face with acne under a thick layer of makeup. The paradox of acne is going even further, since one can hardly see real skin rash even in the advertisement of the products designed for fighting with acne in the first place.

Only those people who are living with acne for years understand that this problem is caused by internal health conditions in the first place which can’t be addressed thus easily as one can imagine. Starting from hormonal imbalance and genetic predisposition up to severe antibiotic treatments, the range of these issues is very large and, even if one can boast about having perfect skin right now, can still develop this skin problem in the future.

That is why you should stop being shy about your acne or any other skin change. This is your skin and you simply don’t have any other.


The belief of beauty being exclusively a privilege of young people is deeply engraved into our consciousness. According to the beauty standards, it is impossible to be attractive once your hair is grey and your face is covered with wrinkles. As a result, people and especially women have to constantly masking any signs of aging paying large amount of money and time on regular hair dying, purchasing expensive anti-aging products and undergoing various beauty procedures some of which are downright dangerous.

Today, the majority of people are not even aware of the fact that the trend of dying grey hair is relatively new, especially while compared to the entire lifespan of the human civilisation. The first relatively usable hair paint was invented in the 50s of the previous century and this was the moment when the war against this absolutely natural process started making not only women but also men rather concerned about grey hair.

Even though in many cultures the stereotype of being unattractive because of aging is still existing, this is not a reason to allow anyone to give you a drop in self-esteem.


Beyond a shadow of a doubt, cellulite is one of the greatest enemies of women. Certainly, such a health condition as obesity is usually accompanied by skin modifications which make it look like an orange peel. Still, many women with ideal weight or even those with weight deficiency can still have cellulite. Providing you are doing your best in order to have a perfect body dedicating a lot of time to exercises and resigning from eating all of your favourite dishes, it still doesn’t guarantee the skin, especially on the lower part of your body, will not have any bulges.

Actually, cellulite is a normal condition of women’s skin since it is exclusively a result of its natural structure in which fat is located closer to the surface than in the skin of men. For that reason, the skin of women is more prone to cellulite which is not always is based on fat. Various health conditions can cause water cellulite which, although looks like the fat cellulite, is actually the result of poor water transportation in the body.

If you are in the severe fight with cellulite and it seems nothing can help it, you should be aware of the fact cellulite was regarded as something totally normal not only in the epoch of Rubens. In fact, cellulite hadn’t bothered anyone by the 1970s which is obvious if you look at the photos of the models of that time.