The myths about cosmetics designed for skin

Have you ever come across some beauty recommendations that seem somewhat odd to you? It turns out that a number of popular beliefs about our appearance are not true. While some of them simply won’t change anything, others can actually can harm you. In order to protect you from ungrounded beauty hacks, we have created a small list of some popular myths which are actually far from the reality. Check these beliefs about beauty which have already been proved by cosmetologists and dermatologists as false!

The truth about foundation

Foundation is one of the most popular cosmetic product used by women of different age. Good foundation helps to mask wrinkles, pimples, large pores, scars, pigmentation and other imperfections of the skin. Since the first foundation products which were used in the previous century were made from ingredients a part of which is no longer used today, many people are concerned about of the effects of using foundation.

Foundation dries skin

One of the most popular beliefs about foundation is that it can dry the skin up. Actually, it can be the truth if only you choose foundation unsuitable for your particular skin type. Generally, the same kind of foundation can be used with different types of skin and such foundation usually includes moisturising ingredients such as aloe gel or plant extracts as well as hyaluronic acid. If you are using such a product and your skin is dry, in all likelihood, it is not caused by your foundation.

Yet, you might come across special types of foundation designed exclusively for oily skin. Undeniably, such products can dry your skin but, as you can imagine, this is not the fault of the foundation itself.

Foundation can cause skin aging

The myth about foundation drying the skin is also connected with a widespread belief about foundation causing rapid skin aging. Again, this might have been possible a couple of decades ago when cosmetics were made of harsher chemical compounds. Today, it has been experimentally proved that the condition of skin of the majority women using foundation regularly is better than of those who don’t use it often. The reason for it is quite logical since foundation creates a protective layer on the skin against dust and wind as well as the sun if they include ultraviolet filters. Furthermore, many modern foundation products also have antioxidants which reduce the activity of free radicals causing aging.

Foundation can be stuck in the pores

Actually, it is difficult to say whether the pores become dirtier because of foundation or not. On the one hand, the cosmetic product itself can fill the pores. On the other hand, filling the pores, foundation creates the protective layer mentioned above which doesn’t let other external dirt to get into the pores, thus, minimising the inflammations and unpleasant skin changes.

The truth about cosmetic products shrinking skin pores

Unfortunately, the truth is that it is not possible to shrink the pores of skin since their size is preprogramed genetically. Yet, if you have ever tried doing it, you have certainly come across a large number of cosmetic products designed specifically for this purpose. The majority of them, presumably, can work miracles for your skin decreasing the size of its pores in a short time.

Since the size of your skin pores is something predefined genetically, it definitely can’t be changed by any cosmetic product no matter how expensive it is. Still, cleansing your skin with appropriate products on a regular basis will help you to keep the pores clean. You can mask their size with foundation and minimise the pigmentation which usually makes the pores more visible with the help of special creams containing retinol.

The skin should have a rest, so one shouldn’t apply cream at night

Giving your skin a chance to rest from various cosmetic products can be a good idea, however, it makes sense in the case of decorative cosmetics in the first place. In fact, giving a nourishing night cream to your skin will bring only benefits to it under the condition your skin product is appropriate for your skin type.

The natural regenerating processes in the body are more intensive at night which means the healthy substances contained in your facial cream will work more actively on your skin during the night as well.

The cosmetic products containing preservatives are horrible

The modern trend of purchasing exclusively organic cosmetic products might be a sensible approach, however, we still should think about the cosmetic substances logically. The preservatives added to cosmetics are crucial for keeping these products fresh and free from any pathogenic microorganisms which would be absolutely impossible without the addition of these preservatives in the first place. Of course, some of them might be more neutral for our skin not causing any negative effects in it than others, still, it is important to understand that any facial cream or other cosmetic product available in the store has some preservative in it.