Believing in these widespread opinions about beauty is a mistake

The modern market of beauty products is overstuffed by items which we did not know even a couple of years ago. Every year, more and more new types of beauty products are invented and released which is, of course, always accompanied by advertisement campaigns making us believe we will solve all our beauty issues with these brand-new inventions. At the same time, there are people who realise that not each and every beauty product is necessary, while some of these consumers even start promoting the resign of cosmetics based on the belief in their harmful effects on one’s health.

Needless to say, such a mixture of information combined with the creations of folk wisdom makes it rather difficult for people to understand what should be done for our beauty and what shouldn’t. We hope this short article will shed some light on some popular, yet, controversial ideas.

Myths about skincare

Undeniably, face is one of the major subjects of a great variety of assumptions some of which should not be checked in practice.

Face tonics are useless

Some people believe purchasing face tonics doesn’t have any sense at all and you simply throw away your money getting one. Actually, this is not the truth and face tonics are an essential step in one’s skincare ritual.

Whenever you are washing your face, you are changing the acidic balance of your skin. It doesn’t matter which product exactly you are using for this purpose, whether it is a soap, foam, a lotion or even pure water. Face tonics help to maintain the healthy balance. In addition to it, tonic make the cleaning process complete and also nourish the skin with useful substances.

Alcohol dries the skin

Undeniably, you have heard about the risks of drying your skin with the use of the cosmetic products containing alcohol. This can make your skin either rather dry or cause the increase of sebum production making it rather oily. Certainly, neither of these skin reactions is good and you hardly want to experience anything like that.

Still, you should not resign from any cosmetic product which has the word alcohol on its bottle. There are absolutely different types of alcohol. While ethyl alcohol can actually make your skin dry, other kinds of alcohol can have totally different effects. Some of them are added to the products in order to dissolve some crucial chemical compounds so as to allow them to be absorbed by your skin. Others are used for maintaining a particular consistency and texture of the substance. There are also alcohols used as antioxidants and even moisturises which is a totally adverse effect is compared to the drying alcohols.

Applying ice cubes on your skin improves its condition

This widespread belief in the magic power of ice cubes is rather controversial. There is no doubt in the ability of ice to refresh the skin which is especially recommended after having an insufficient amount of night sleep. Yet, you should be very careful while trying this procedure with your own skin.

People with weak blood vessels as well as those whose blood vessels are located too close to the surface can cause serious damage to the beauty of their faces enlarging the vessels or even causing their collapse.

Nail polish is harmful for the health of your nails

Applying a nail polish directly on your nail is never a good idea. In such a way, it can cause some damage to the nail and, in all likelihood, can change the colour of the nail permanently.

At the same time, applying a nail polish on a good base layer can actually be beneficial for your nails. First of all, some base layers include various vitamins and proteins nourishing the nail. Secondly, such a layer combined with a nail polish itself creates a shield protecting your nails against various harmful conditions. For instance, any kind of household chores can damage your nails with a mechanic impact or harsh chemical substances. Having a nail polish on your nails will minimise such harm efficiently.

You shouldn’t be afraid of not letting your nails breath as nail breathing is itself a myth. Nails do not consist of living cells so they just cannot breath even if they are not covered by any nails polish.

False beliefs about hair

There is also a huge misunderstanding of the nature of hair which leads to the spread of various myths. For instance, many people are sure it is possible to regenerate split hairs. Unfortunately, even professional cosmetic products cannot perform such a miracle.

There are products for split hair which are based on heavy silicones. These substances can make your split hair look healthy again but this is exclusively an external effect which has nothing to do with the structure of the hair itself. Silicones are creating a layer on the hair which makes it look and feel better, however, one you wash your hair, the effect will go away completely.

In fact, the only thing which can help you get rid of split hair is cutting it.