The things which are absolutely not worth your time and energy

Some of the thing people are doing are not just a waste of time. This can be rather detrimental for mental health and then affect your physical health as well. Check whether you are doing something mentioned in this article in order to protect your life from negative and unnecessary things.

Purchasing goods for your status

Needless to say, no one will resign from having something of a supreme quality. Such things tend to be rather expensive, however, if we are looking for excellent quality and can afford it, such purchases are a natural choice for us. We might also not be able to afford something rather pricey right now and try to save our money to be able to purchase it later. If this is done because we are genuinely interested in having a product of a high quality, this might even be a better choice than getting a cheaper alternative which will get worn out in a rather short time.

Yet, many people tend to buy expensive things because they believe such items will create some particular social status for them. It is crucial to understand that your purchases can only drain out your budget. Buying a luxurious car using a credit will not change anything in a positive way. Plan your shopping according to your income and do not get into any loans for purchasing things without which you can easily make do.

Getting into arguments on the Internet

One of the worst things you can waste your time on is getting into arguments online.

Certainly, if you are reading a post, an article, watching a video and come across something you certainly know is not true, you wish to let everyone know about this. Yet, this is hardly an online discussion. You are risking to get into a never-ending argument with people whose opinion actually should not bother you at all. Actually, many people really feel bad after getting into such situations feeling anxiety or even depression.

People tend to be rather rude or even aggressive on the Internet since they can neither hear you nor see you. This leads to dehumanisation of your opponents. Certainly, they will dehumanise you as well. Thus, there two popular outcomes of intense online arguments. Either you are risking to experience aggression or even bulling from other Internet users or you might bully them which , in all likelihood, will make you feel rather unpleasant afterwards.

In point of a fact, some arguments, albeit not thus frequently, can actually get out of control and transfer into the real life.

Acquiring higher education which you actually do not need

Certainly, it can be rather difficult for young people to understand what they would like to do in the future. Not only is the choice of professions extremely overwhelming today, but also gone are the days when people were able to keep one profession for their entire life. Newer and newer professions are being created and for many of them you will not be able to get any higher education at all.

Still, many young people want to study at universities and many parents of those indicv9iduals who do not want to study, will make them do it anyway. At this point, if you feel you absolutely hate the chosen specialisation, the probability of you changing your mind with time is rather small. If you will still push and try to graduate with such a specialisation, you are risking losing a lot in your life. As a result, you will either get into a huge percentage of people not working according to their specialisation or you will just spend your life unhappy doing something you really do not like to do.

Staying in an unhappy relationship

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, a romantic relationship is necessary part for happiness and fulfilment for many people. If you feel you are unhappy in your current relationship, it is a sign you should certainly change something. If there is no way to discuss the issues with your partner and address problems or may be you already feel you do not love this person, there is absolutely no need to get stuck in such a situation. You are responsible for your choice an you can change it at any point, It is better to do it earlier saving more years of your life which can be spent in a meaningful relationship.

Trying to live up to the expectations of others

An absolutely unproductive way of spending your life is trying to live up to the expectations of others. Obviously, different people have different expectations of you, whereas the best thing for you is just to be yourself, focus on your strength and positive features of your personality and develop them.

If you will be paying too much attention to the things others are expecting from you, you are risking to lose your own life and start living the lives of others. Even in such a way you will not know whose expectations you will be supposed to live up to. That is why there is no need to even try doing it.