Untypical sleeping patterns

Although a popular belief is that people need around 6-8 hours of sleep in order to be well-rested and energised, not everyone is able or willing to use traditional pattern of a one-phase sleep. Some people are really overwhelmed by everyday tasks trying to reduce the amount of time spent on sleep as much as possible. Others cannot have a one-phase sleep because of the untypical working hours. There are also individuals who simply find a traditional way of sleeping too time consuming and are willing to spend the time used for sleeping on something else.

Of course, you can always sleep in a random ways just as you feel like and have some time for it, however, you might be interested in several sleeping methods which differ from a traditional sleeping pattern a lot. The major idea of these sleeping plans is that you will not be wasting between 45 and 75 minutes on getting into the deep-sleeping phase which is the most crucial part of sleeping. Your body will be ready to get into this phase immediately and all in all, you will be able to reduce the sleeping hours.

Check these sleeping plans based on several sleeping phases and you might find one suitable for your daily routine.

A biphasic sleeping plan

Actually, many people have to divide their sleeping plan into two parts practising a so-called biphasic sleeping cycle not even being aware of that. Usually, the entire amount of time spent on sleeping in such a case is still the same as it is supposed to be in the case of the one-phase sleep. Generally, it is something around six hours. People tend to sleep around five hours during the night and nearly one hour during the day time.

This sleeping plan is not especially effective, however, some people have to adapt it to their lives. If you would like to try something new, you can check the sleeping plans mentioned below.


One of the sleeping plans which is regarded to be harmless for people’s health is called Uberman. Actually, it is not thus difficult to use this option, however, you should make sure there is a possibility of having a nap at your working place.

Uberman is based on six sleeping cycles during the day. They should be taken every four hours. Each sleeping period should take between 20 and 30 minutes.

People who are practising the Uberman sleeping method find themselves to be more energetic in the morning and are also prone to having more vivid dreams. It is also a good oprion for those who would like to trigger lucid dreams.

If you will be adapting this sleeping pattern to your life, your body will start giving you signals when the time will be close to the next sleeping break.


There are two variations of the Everyman sleeping plan, however, no matter which one you will prefer, you will need to set equal time periods between the breaks earmarked for rest. Actually, people who have been trying various sleeping plans find Everyman to be even more convenient than Uberman. According to them, getting used to it is easier than to other plans based on several sleeping cycles.

The first type of Everyman includes three hours of a night sleep as well as three 20 minute sleep phases during the day. You can easily calculate that the total time you will be spending on sleeping in such a way will be equal to only four hours.

Another variation of this sleeping pattern includes only a 1.5 hour sleep at night. Yet, you will need four or five 20-minute sleeping cycles during the day.


Some people choose the Dymaxion sleeping plan which is regarded to be the most extreme sleeping method, although many people find it very effective. This is so since Dymaxion will give you only two hours of sleep during a day which certainly can save a lot of time.

Dymaxion allows you to have a 30-minute break for sleeping every six hours during the day.

How can you change your sleeping plan?

As you have noticed, the sleeping patterns described in this article differ drastically from the traditional sleeping cycle. This means you will have to change a lot of habits in order to get used to a new way of sleeping. Certainly, you should expect your body to be extremely confused about such serious changes, thus, you might feel really drained out for the first week. Yet, you will gradually get used to it and will be able to experience all of the benefits coming from a sleeping time divided into several periods. Certainly, it is not recommended to start your transgression to a new sleeping style during a particularly important period of your life when you will need a lot of energy.

In order to get adjusted to a new plan more easily, you should make sure your sleeping place is particularly convenient. It is advised to choose a healthy diet for this period of time. Find interesting activities for the time between sleeping cycles which will help you to wait patiently for the next time you will be able to sleep.