These things can easily spoil the first impression about a person

Even you are a person who normally does not care about the impression you are making on other people, there are situations in which it is quite important, for instance, during an interview with a potential employer or the first date. Some small things can create a rather negative impression about you, so, you should be particularly attentive to some small things listed in this article.

Being late

One of the worst things you can do from the very beginning is being late.

Undeniably, various things can happen to you which will make you be late for a meeting, Certainly, there is no guarantee you will not be late for a meeting. Unfortunately, it can happen to anyone.

Yet, some people are particularly unlucky. It seems they are constantly experiencing some misfortunes whenever they are trying to get to the meeting point. Needless to say, this can give a person second thoughts about whether you really treat this meeting as something serious since you are unable to be on time. It will be even worse if during a couple of the first meetings you will always be late.

There are people who are prone to being unpunctual. Unfortunately, they seem not to understand many of their misfortunes can be avoided if only they go out from home earlier. Some situations can be predicted for example a heavy traffic, however, it can be done when you really respect the time of another person. Of course, nay of the situations which have presumably caused your being late have been created by you for the sake of explanation and another person is perfectly aware of it. That is why if you do not want to appear to your acquaintance as a not particularly reliable individual, you should do your best to be on time.


It is absolutely understandable that people are trying to show only their best features during the first meeting with a new acquaintance. There is nothing wrong about that. Sometimes though people are getting into obvious boasting. In all likelihood you yourself are not particularly happy about having a conversation with people who love boasting.

Unfortunately, it is rather difficult to tell when a normal presentation of some positive facts about ends and boasting starts. This is so since people have their own perception as well. Some individuals with particularly strong personality issues can get offended by any normal information even such as your job if they find it better than theirs. Of course, this can also get a negative impression of your new acquaintance if you find out him or her overreacting to such trivial things, yet, in some situations you will have to move on if the contact with this person is important for you.

What you can do to avoid such situations is giving some positive information about yourself in small dosages.

Being addicted to gadgets

You might have such acquaintances who need to keep their phones in hands without a stop scrolling and checking various things whether they are Instagram posts or news portals. People are either keeping their phone sin their hands constantly or they are keeping them on the table checking the messages without a stop.

Obviously, the majority of us are not receiving any particularly important messages all the time which will require keeping a track of them like this. Yet, the person we are talking to can really feel uncomfortable thinking you are not particularly interested in the conversation as your phone is more important for you. It is particularly unpleasant to realise checking some likes under a photo is more important for a person than the meeting. That is why it is recommended to do your best and immerse into the real conversation completely.

Excessive curiosity

A conversation is leading to information exchange which is helping us to learn more about the person we are speaking to. It is more efficient, when we are asking and answering questions. Yet, some people do not understand the natural boundaries existing for conversations allowing themselves to ask too much. Needless to say, we do not want share some of the information with our new acquaintances and there is also some information we do not want to tell to anyone else at all. Once someone is starting asking us about such things, we feel discomfort.

At the same time people who are too open telling about rather private things to the individuals they have just met are also creating uncomfortable situations in which others might be rather confused.

Intrusion into the personal space

Everyone has one’s own personal space which is the maximum distance between an individual and another person with which the first one feels comfortable. It is crucial to understand this distance is different for different people and the fact you feel convenient touching a person while talking to him or her does not mean it is the same for everyone. It is recommended to keep a distance between you and your new acquaintance at least during the first meetings.