Tips for healthy and beautiful hair

No matter whether you are wearing short or long hair, any hairstyle looks a way better if the hair is healthy. Some people are especially lucky with their genes having strong and beautiful hair even though they experiment with it on a regular basis. Unfortunately, many of us can’t boast about such hair even if we have never dyed it in our entire life.

Of course, we can start a series of expensive procedures carried out by a specialist, yet, we can try to change some small things that can quickly improve the overall condition of our hair. Here, you will find some of the useful recommendations for healthy hair.

Don’t wash your hair everyday

Although it is rather difficult to resign from daily washing of hair if you are really used to it. Actually, you might find your hair greasy and by the end of the first day after washing it which makes the urge to wash your hair rather difficult to withstand.

Yet, you should understand that too frequent hair washing is really not good for its health. The skin of your head is covered by a natural layer of protection which includes skin oil and important microorganisms living in its environment. Washing the hair every day deprives your hair from this natural protection and makes the skin as well the hair stressed which weakens them. In addition to it, the skin of your head gets a signal that the amount of oil it produces is not enough, so it starts producing even more of it making your hair look greasy in a short time after washing it.

It is recommended not to wash your hair more frequently than three times per week.

Wash your hair with cold water

Washing your hair with cold water is a great way to improve its general condition.

First of all, using hot water for washing your hair increases the production of skin oils which leads to its quick becoming greasy.

Secondly, cold water stimulates the growth of hair improving the blood flow in the skin of your head.

Finally, cold water is better for maintain a healthy structure of your hair.

Don’t use shampoos with sulphates

Such substances as Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES) and Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS) are added not only into shampoos but also into various other cosmetics used for washing your skin. That is so since these chemical compounds are responsible for the creation of foam which makes it easier to use these cosmetics for washing your body and hair.

Generally, these substances are not dangerous for your health but they can be a bit too harsh for your hair, sulphates can dry the skin of your head. As a result, the hair can be weakened and the skin might start producing more oils.

As you have understood, the only problem with natural shampoos is that they do not give as much foam as those cosmetics with SLS and SLES. Still, you will quickly get used to the consistency of such shampoos.

No matter which kind of shampoo you are using, you shouldn’t apply it on the entire length of your hair. It is enough to put the nece3ssary amount of shampoo exclusively on the head itself.

Resign from treating your hair with high temperature

Even if you do not create any complicated hairstyles on your head, in all likelihood, you use a basic hair dryer regularly. In fact, this is the first thing you should try to get rid of. You can imagine how detrimental high temperature is for the condition of your hair. If it is impossible to resign from using a hair dryer, try at least to minimise the frequency of using this styling device to a necessary minimum.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the use of a hair straightener or any other styling device of this type is even worse for your hair since their temperature can increase up to 200 degrees Celsius.

In case you can’t imagine your hairstyle without treating your hair with one of such devices, you should at least make breaks between using them.

Use special cosmetics for protection against high temperature

Providing you really have to use any device treating your hair with high temperature, you should do it exclusively after applying a special cosmetic product for protection of your hair. Do not think such a substance will somehow make your hair better since they just make a special protective layer on the surface of your hair and skin which will minimise the negative effect of using high temperature for hair styling.

Don’t forget to pay your attention to the maximum temperature such a cosmetic product can withstand. Such information should be printed on the package.

Use hair masks on a regular basis

You can make your own mask at home or purchase a ready-to-use product. The cosmetic market is also full of various air conditioners.

When it comes to the ready products available in the stores, you can purchase a mask instead of a hair-conditioner since, as a rule, masks have a more intensive activity. Still, in order to get the maximum possible effect of these products, you can leave them on your hair for a longer time that is suggested by the instruction. For example, the moisturising and regenerating masks that should be on your hair for five minutes, can be left there even for thirty minutes.