“Bad” features of personality you shouldn’t get rid off

Every person who has ever analysed oneself seeking for his or her strong and weak sides, has definitely noticed something which can be called a “bad” feature of personality. Such bad features are usually those which are making it more difficult for us to communicate with other people. Undeniably, some of them can bring real harm into any of our relationships, so, if you really realise you have them, you might try to convert them into something different. Yet, there are also bad features which are actually highly helpful for us, although others might find them annoying or inappropriate.

Let’s check together which negative characteristics of your inner world do not actually need any improvement.

Being stubborn

Undeniably, there are different forms of being stubborn. The cases when your disagreement with another person seems to be totally irrational and even harmful for you are about the type of stubbornness which covers some other issue which makes you not capable of agreeing with this particular person.

Still, there are many situations in which being stubborn is simply necessary for keeping a balance in your life. You can compare it with the attempts of adults to feed you with some food you didn’t like or which even made you feel sick in your childhood. Your stubbornness made them mad at you but you were able to protect yourself from an unpleasant experience in such a way. In many situations in your adult life you have to do exactly the same, otherwise you are risking to be fed by far more worse things including a lie, unfairness or unnecessary responsibilities.

Being non-conforming

Needless to say that other people enjoy dealing with people who don’t like conflicts. Undeniably, this is very easy and pleasant. No matter what is going on, you will make your best not to pay attention to it in order not to start a conflict with another person.

The people not prone to getting into conflicts will not say anything to the one who is sitting on their seat in the cinema. They will pretend it is not a problem that a shop-assistant has just given them less money than should have been. Such people will also remain silent and patient even when their co-worker will make them responsible for one’s own task that was supposed to have already been finished.

Now, imagine, how simple your life would be if you were actually a more non-conforming person?

Not being modest

The majority of parents are teaching their children to be modest and not to boast about various things. Of course, this is a sensible approach especially when it comes to material things. Still, when it comes to your skills and talents, there is nothing inappropriate in letting others be aware you have them.

Your adult life is not a school where your teacher will anyway somehow find out that you are really good at some subject or are a diligent student. Your boss might never notice the effort you are making solving your tasks at work and give you a higher salary if you are remain being modest.

Realising your own strong sides and being able to speak about them is a very helpful skill.

Being ignorant

Today, ignorance is regarded to be one of the worst features of personality a modern person might have. The general trend is being active socially protecting our own ideas and fighting against the opposite ones. We are doing our best to participate in social events trying to save the world from unfairness and cruelty, supporting those who were offended by others and make money donations. Even though you can do all of these things, there are still be people or events which you might happen to ignore.

In the reality, it is important to understand that the world is full of cruelty, pain, suffering and unfairness and up to some point, it will remain such until it will belong to human beings. It is impossible to make the world a perfect place to absolutely everyone. In case you are going to feel all of this pain yourself, you will have a rather hard time living at all. Healthy ignorance is important for remaining sane under such harsh conditions.

Of course, if you really want to tackle each and every possible problem in this world, it is amazing, but you should make sure first you really have enough energy for doing it.

Being emotional

In the majority of modern cultures being emotional is regarded as something inappropriate. Of course, it is understandable, when it comes to negative emotions, however, in some communities, showing positive emotions is also something that should be avoided.

Still, it is obvious we have our emotions for some reason. Actually, we shouldn’t even divide our emotions into negative and positive since all of them are just external expressions of our psychological states. Understanding your own emotions is crucial for learning how to control them but it will be impossible once you block them at all. If you will be blocking them for a longer time, they will start growing and finally explode or destroy you.