Types of teachers you should avoid

Undeniably, nowadays we have access to an extremely large amount of knowledge. Not only is the Internet overfilled with various blogs and information services covering absolutely various topics available to everyone, but also we have a chance to enroll on various courses or participate in training sessions held both online or during real meetings. Of course, the most popular educational events are connected to anything which can help us to make our lives better starting from psychology, health and ending with business or trading education.

Needless to say, many of such training sessions. conferences and courses are not free and some of them can be pretty expensive. Learning something new, growing and developing yourself are great things, however, not all of the teachers are worth your trust. Let’s look at those of them whom you should avoid even if they are sharing their knowledge free of charge.

Teachers lying about their education

Some coaches have a great amount of certificates and diplomas which look very impressive, yet, doesn’t prove their real knowledge. The education of others might not exceed the level of the majority of other people and still not mean that this person is not a specialist in his or her subject.

Another case is when a teacher is trying to pretend to be more educated than the one actually is. It doesn’t necessarily meant that this person is showing you fake diplomas or certificates. Yet, such a teacher might give you fake facts about his or her achievements, for instance, boasting about finishing some courses while he or she were just participating there without taking a final exam.

If only you find such a person is trying to impress you with all that papers too vigorously, you should check whether they are real.

Teachers without practical experience

Certainly, the majority of specialists of absolutely different branches of knowledge can be divided into two categories. The first one are the people who started working after graduation or finishing courses and are focused on using their knowledge in practice, whereas others started teaching other people about this subject and thus, are spending more time working with the theory.

Undeniably, both of these groups of teachers can be useful, however, the later one is more prone to making particular mistakes. Mainly, they are connected with the fact these teachers might not be aware of the way their theoretical knowledge is applied in real-life situations, they can teach you the information which is no longer up-to-date or is appropriate only in the situations featured by ideal conditions.

This is true in the case of absolutely any type of a specialist, no matter whether it is a mathematician, a psychologist or a dietician. Yet, the specialists whose branch is related to the human health are particularly responsible for their recommendations. Thus, if you have a feeling the expert is somewhat detached from the reality despite one’s in-depth knowledge, applying his or her recommendations to your life might not be a good idea.

Teachers creating sects

One of the most dangerous types of teachers are those who are trying to create a sect of their students. Of course, the major purpose of it is gaining control over people and making financial benefits of them.

The courses or training sessions held by a particularly charismatic leader who appears as someone knowing far more than other people is the first sign of a sect.

Another typical feature of such a community is manipulating students in such a way as to make it impossible for them to think rationally and critically. A sect requires total adoration of the adapts for their guru and the social skills of the sect leader help him or her to achieve this goal easily. Such courses are usually based on several levels and there is always a hierarchy of positions of the participants of such a community. Of course, the more the students are affected by the manipulation of the teacher, the more crucial it becomes for them to get closer to this person and reach the highest level which is usually possible only after investing your finances or handing over your material possessions to the sect leader.

In all likelihood, really great specialists will also be able to gather a circle of fans around them some of whom as well believe each and every word of their teacher and might be even aggressive towards everyone who doesn’t agree with the opinions of the teacher. Still, it is normal, when it comes naturally and there is no manipulation from the side of the coach.

Teachers sharing secret knowledge with their students

Unfortunately, many of us are waiting for some magic methods able to resolve some of our problems or even change our entire life into a real fairy-tale. Of course, many unfair coaches are using this tendency of humans and thrive on it trying to sell us some secret solution.

In the reality, there might be several outcomes of using the method. The first is when the secret method is actually accompanied with another solution already proved as helpful, so the use of the secret method seems to be useful and you simply ignore the fact it might not have worked without this additional solution. Another possibility is that the method obviously doesn’t work but in this case you will be blamed for misusing it. Finally, it might be not helpful and no one even pay any attention to it since there are many new students waiting for trying it out.