Are liquid diets a good way for losing weight?

One of the types of such diets are liquid ones. Such diets can be of different types. Some of them are more of a mono type, for example, there are diets based on various fresh juices and smoothies, while there are diets focused on liquid dietary products, such as kephir. There are also more varied diets which allow people consume various types of liquids including meat bullions.

As you can imagine, this is one of the forms of lazy diets which can help people to get rid of weight without any particular effort.

Why do people like liquid diets?

As it has just been mentioned, this is a lazy diet. Indeed, the total amount of kilocalories consumed in such a way can be as small as only 500, sometimes, it reaches 800 kilocalories. In any case, it is a rather small amount of energy which means a person will be able to lose weight pretty quickly even without exercising.

There are other attractive sides of liquid diets which make them so appealing to many people trying to come back to a lean mass. For example, if one chooses the diet with a greater variety of products, it will be possible for him or her to enjoy more tastes than it is allowed in the case of some other diets.

In addition to it, getting one’s stomach filled with liquids can really make the body confused about the food intake. You certainly know that having a sweet juice before meal can make you lose your hunger. This is exactly what people are trying to achieve choosing such a diet.

There is one attractive feature of such a diet which has actually not been proved experimentally. Many people believe the consumption of liquids will take a smaller space in their stomachs which will eventually result in the decrease of the volume of a stomach. In such a way, people choosing such a diet hope to decrease the size of their stomachs and need less food for satisfying hunger in the future. According to studies, nothing such happens though.

The dangers of a liquid diet

In the reality, such diets are rather dangerous. The deficit of calories it creates in the body is not just efficient for losing weight, it is actually extremely small getting close to the state of starvation. Even though you can really lose weight with such a diet, you certainly do not want such an effect.

Firstly, just like in the case of any other diet designed for an extremely rapid loss of weight, a liquid diet will slow the process of losing weight down. This happens once the body starts realising there is period of starvation and it will be better for it to keep as much calories as possible. Moreover, once you stop dieting, it will try to regain all of the lost weight with an increased force due to the stress it came over during such dieting. Unfortunately, rapid diets never work properly.

Of course, a poor menu of such diets will also create vitamin and nutrient deficiency. It can be even worse if you choose a liquid diet based on fruit juices and smoothies. Even when they do not taste sweet, usually, they have a large amount of sugar. This will make you feel less hungry and it will still keep the calorie deficiency extremely large, yet, it might put your sugar metabolism into a trouble. Additionally, fresh juices and smoothies are rich in acids which can be harmful for your stomach and can actually make you even hungrier. Finally, it is crucial to understand even though fruits and vegetables are healthy products, taking them in juices and smoothies is a rather unnatural way and many of the vitamins will not even be absorbed by your body as it requires oils.

Should you try such a diet?

The research which has been conducted on people eon a liquid diet has shown there are no positive health effects for individuals. Yet, this regards such a type of nutrition as a diet. If you just want to make one day in a week of a smaller intake of food for the sake of detoxifying it and giving your body a chance to have a rest from heavy digestion processes, you can use a liquid menu for a single day. Yet, this absolutely should not stretch.