These goods can be easily destroyed during washing in a washing machine

It is not a secret that not all of the items should be washed in a washing machine. Some of them are too delicate and fragile for it and you can easily seriously damage them by washing them automatically.

Yet, from time to time you might have an urge to put a dirty item inside a washing machine and clean it quickly without wasting your time on manual washing. Do not to it at least with the products listed in this article as you will certainly regret such a decision.

Thin mattresses and pillows made of foam

The foam used for producing some types of pillows and mattresses can be of different types, however, none of them actually love being washed in a washing machine. Still, for some types of foam you might not find any specific prohibitions for machine washing, yet others should never be washed automatically. The best example of such kinds of foam is the orthopaedic foam which is featured by a quite solid structure.

Unfortunately, no matter how easy and convenient it will be for your to wash such goods in a washing machine, the effect can be rather unpleasant as such foam tends to get crushed into small pieces during automatic washing cycles. By the way, the majority of goods made of such foam should not be washed even manually.

How should you wash such goods?

Needless to say, you should read the instruction to the item carefully and find out the specific recommendations for washing. If manual washing is allowed, use warm water and soft washing products for cleaning your pillow or mattress. You should press the water out of the item in a delicate way without squeezing it.

If manual washing is forbidden for your goods, you should refer to professional services.

Goods made of genuine leather

Unfortunately, not everyone knows about the proper way of dealing with leather goods. Some people assume that washing such goods as leather bags, jackets or shoes will not harm them since they are constantly exposed to different weather conditions including rain and snow. It might seem nothing bad should actually happen to them because of washing.

It is crucial to understand that washing leather goods inside a washing machine is a way more harmful to them then all of the harsh weather conditions. Leather is too delicate to be washed in such way and it can develop cracks and folds on its surface which will be difficult to get rid of. In addition to them, genuine leather can lose its colour or it can just become uneven after such a washing session.

In addition to it, many products made of such leather also have some elements attached to the good with glue. Beyond a shadow of a doubt, glue might not withstand chemical and an excessive amount of warm water during a washing cycle.

What should you do in order to prevent damages of your favourite leather bags and jackets?

It will be better to purchase specialised cleaning products produced exactly for leather goods. You can easily by them anywhere leather goods themselves are sold. In case you find your items too dirty to be dealt with on your own, you can refer to specialists.

By the way, point your attention to the fact artificial leather or eco-leather cannot be washed in a washing machine either. In fact, many of such goods are even more prone to damages and are even more unlikely not to withstand a washing cycle.

Microfibre towels

If you happen to own microfiber towels or cloths of a good quality, you should be very careful while washing them. It might be counterintuitive, but the material used in such goods can lose its ability to absorb water if they are washed in a washing machine especially with the use of regular washing products.

How should you wash such towels and cloths?

Before getting rid of the package with which your microfiber towels or cloths were sold, check whether there is an instruction for washing them. In case there is none or you have already thrown the package away, you can use warm water and soap for washing such items. This is a popular recommendation given by the majority of manufacturers of such goods.