Are mono diets healthy and do they help to lose weight?

Mono diets have become one of the most beloved types of diets which is used by both people trying to lose weight and by those who just wants to stay healthy and is looking for the most appropriate option for oneself. Some people are even not aware of being on a mono diet.

Let’s look at this popular type of diets in details and understand whether it is good for your health or not.

Types of mono diets

As you can imagine, there is a variety of mono diets, however, the major idea of them is being based on the same product. The most obvious one is consuming a single type of product all of the time. In such a case, a single product becomes breakfast, lunch and dinner. This is extremely popular among people who are trying to lose weight in a rapid way. Needless to say, the majority of them are looking for a tasty and nutritional product with a small amount of calories. It is not simple to find such a product, that is why you can find monodies designed for losing weight based on absolutely any products starting from sauerkraut up to chocolate.

There are also people who are choosing mono diets as they believe they have already found their ideal product. In such a case, individuals might not be necessarily aiming to lose weight. They might just love the taste of a particular product very much and believe in its health benefits.

Finally, in some cases mono diets are more diverse and people actually have different products during a day, yet, the menu for every day remains the same.

The positive sides of mono diets

The positive side of a mono diet is a quick effect of losing weight especially if it has a large calorie deficiency. Yet, you will find in the next part of the article the truth about such an effect and why you should not rely on it.

Another positive effect is certainly the comfort of such diets especially for people who are choosing them as a regular nutritional plan rather than a tool for losing weight. Certainly, not everyone will be attractive by an option of constantly having the same products, however, there are also many people who have a rather specific taste in food and they are actually ready to have the same dish without a stop.

The negative sides of mono diets

The mono diets designed for losing weight when used according to the exact limit of calories for a day can really help one to lose weight efficiently. Yet, in such a case, the loss of weight comes with nutritional deficiency. If the deficiency is too large, the lost weight will come back rather quickly and in a greater amount. This usually happens in the case of any diet with a large calorie deficiency no matter how nutritionally rich products you are having during this time. The body feels hungry all the time and it understands there is a period of lack of food, so it is adjusting its metabolic processes to store as much calories as it can out food the next time you are consuming your meal. As you can imagine, the calories are stored in fat.

For the same reason after a period of rapid weight loss people usually face an inability of losing weight. It feels as if the body is somehow keeping the calories. Now, you know it is exactly what is happening.

Unfortunately, regardless of the reason a person is choosing a mono diet, it is never a good idea. Even if it is not done for losing weight and the amount of calories consumed is enough for one’s body, such a diet will still cause a vitamin deficiency regardless of the nutritional value of the product consumed. A healthy diet is based on variety since different products have different health benefits and it is not only limited by vitamin and microelements which can be taken with artificial suppliers. Even fibre can be taken separately. Still, it is not enough since there is an abundance of absolutely different substances in products many of which are not even studied yet, but it is obvious that altogether they are giving positive health effects.

Finally, mono diets can cause many other health problems such as constipation, diarrhoea, stomach inflammation and ulcers. On top of that, it can cause metabolic processes of stone generation in the body.

Should you use a mono diet?

Mono diets can be recommended only as a one-time menu for a day, if you want to give your digestive system a day for regeneration and rest. Otherwise, you should not choose such nutritional plans regardless of whether you want to lose weight or it is supposed to be your regular diet.