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How to stop feeling so stressed on Mondays?

While many people are dealing with Mondays pretty well, others feel rather stressed at the beginning a working week. Of course, in case your working week starts on Monday, you will not be able to change this fact, but you can change your Mondays in the way that they will be more pleasurable and less stressing.

Here are some useful recommendations for everyone feeling Mondays are overwhelming.

Prepare for your working week

This is the most obvious recommendation, however, without using it you will not be able to feel on Monday even a bit more relaxed.

The preparation for your working week includes a lot of things starting from making a plan of tasks and necessarily writing them down on paper or on your smartphone up to having a good night sleep. This is absolutely essential for your well-being as you will know what is waiting for your and will be able to plan your time in a more efficient way.

Of course, it is strongly recommended not to have too much alcohol the day before you start your work. In addition to it, even such small things as preparing your clothes and bag for the next day will help you to feel more relaxed on Monday.

Do not try to stretch your weekend at any cost watching TV-shows late at night or playing video games. The time spent on these pleasurable activities will be taken from your sleep which is never good for your well-being.

Plan something pleasant for Monday

It is a very good idea to start your week with some pleasant activity. Everything depends on your preferences, whether you would like to have a dinner in the restaurant with your family, meet a friend or give yourself some time for your hobby in the evening. In any situation, this should be something you love doing and which will make you wait for Monday. In addition to it, adding such a pleasant event to your Monday schedule will be give you a feeling of having at least a bit of control over this day.

Furthermore, it is not recommended to plan all of the most unpleasant tasks on Monday. Of course, you might be willing to solve all of them at the same time, yet, it may make your day unbearable.

You can also make such plans for Tuesday or Wednesday. Then, you will not there are pleasant events waiting for you in the middle of the week.

Reduce the usage of social networks

Certainly, Mondays is the time when people love joking about the catastrophe of the beginning of the week. Even if you yourself do not feel like that, such thoughts can make you feel rather unpleasant. It will be better if you minimise the use of social networks on Sundays and Mondays to reduce your exposure to such negative thoughts. By the way, scrolling your profile is definitely not the most productive way of starting your working week.

Analyse your work

Feeling worse on Monday is normal as people have to switch from the mode of being relaxed to a working mode. It can be especially more difficult if there are lots of difficult tasks are waiting for them. Still, if the thought of Monday makes you feel depressed it means you should change something about your job.

Certainly, one of the most obvious options available to you is changing your job itself, albeit, it does not necessarily have to be thus drastic. In many situations, something can be changed at your working place if you talk to the administrators of your working place. Also, remember about the possibility of being burnt out which is particularly typical for people working for a long time without holidays or doing the same task for a long period of time.



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