Powerful exercises for improving your focus

We all grew up listening to the universal advise, whether it is the parents, teacher, boss or anyone, to focus on our tasks. Yet, as familiar it may sound this feeling of vague statement also comes with a question, how do you focus? How do you generally keep your focus absolutely in point? Unfortunately, people who give such advice actually give out this piece without much more than just an order or instruction to snap back in the zone.

This article will help you understand the real steps you can take for improving your focus.

Meditation for improving your focus

Although it may sound so trivial and not much of a shocker, there is a reason behind why this is always mentioned in one or another form related to the attention span or focus. This most primitive exercise is so simple yet powerful and effective that this is mentioned throughout the history. There is a whole range of topics based on meditation out there.

You can find plenty of books, YouTube videos or other materials from any other sources, articles, blogs, apps which will teach you to meditate for becoming a more focused person. There are tons of resources out there to help you out on this. Yet, when it comes down to meditation, choosing one from this vast ocean of information might startle you. The best practice would be, if you start with the one mentioned here and gradually try out something new that best suits you.

You can start simply by relaxing your body, take 4 deep breath slowly. Now begin with a 6-5-8 breathing session. Which is, 6 seconds of inhalation, 5 seconds of hold and 8 seconds of exhalation. Do it for 10 to 15 minutes every day for 30 days. This can rapidly increase your attention span and will prepare you for not getting startled with an increased heart rate. Be really one with your breathing, if you seem to drift off your course or feeling dizzy or sleepy, set an alarm or keep on practising with a timer making short 20 seconds breaths every 5 minutes.

Step counting

This is another one that sounds so trivial yet hard to master. Beware of doing this on a busy street or wherever and whenever your full attention is required. This is something you can do anywhere, anytime.

For example, when you are going to your office, workplace, school or wherever your destination may be, start counting the steps from your house and keep walking until you reach your destination and try to keep a track of the steps. For instance, if you come across a signal or anywhere that requires your full and careful attention, mentally keep track of the last number. And stick or mentally affirm that number few times. When you have crossed the road or to the point where it is safe to resume your counting, resume the count and keep updating your mental variable. Variable is just a container to store your number.

The 6-6-6 exercise

Do not associate this number with any hocus-pocus number but focus on what it is. This is another way of walking and counting. The way it works is requires from you walking for the 6 count, holding the breath for the 6 count and exhale for 6 count. The entire breathing cycle should performed while you are walking. Please, note that this is solely based on how much you are comfortable with. Do not force your way to hold the breath for more than your comfort zone can hold. Doing so may make you pass out in the street or can put you in any other risks.

Start little and experiment your with your zone.

Yoga poses for increasing your focus

There are various yoga poses that can help you not only to balance your mental health but your physical health as well. For instance, the tree pose. The way you do it is stand upright, not back strained, you lift your hands above your head with palms against each hand, as in it is done in the namaste posture. When you feel comfortable, lift one of your legs and touch the sides of your knee or thigh of another leg. Hold this position as long as you feel comfortable.

These exercise can significantly help you boost your focus over time. Keep an app to track and build this habit for 30 days to see the changes for yourself. Best wishes!