Daily exercise for newbies: Lucid dreamer

Lucid dreaming is one of the powerful tools for exploration of one’s own abilities and using the whole potential in the regular life. It does not matter whether you believe in the spiritual part of life or not, lucid dreaming can just be used for leveraging your own power so that you will be able to achieve a way more than you could ever imagine.

For those is about to tap into this fantastic world of variations, it is important to understand there will be a need to train themselves on their own accord or by a perfect friend or someone who knows this all so well. For our purpose, we will look at a simple exercise that does not require you to get some crazy equipment, supplements or any of the sort that requires your financial attention nor any special time aside. All this require is just your attention from within. The exercise could be performed at any time as follows below.

Step one: look

It may sound as simple as this but the very first thing you should do in order to lucid dream is to look at the whole world around you in a whole new perspective. Look at the surroundings any time imagining you are seeing everything for the very first time in your life. In fact, it can be compared to looking at the world from a new-born child’s view or from an artist’s point of view. Take notice of all the shapes, colours, dimensional aspects, everything that you can take notice of as much as possible through looking at everything.

Step two: listen

There is a similar exercise for audio information. Listen to the various sounds, their tonality, pitch, harmony, dissonance, everything that is out there. Voices to atmospheric sound that prevails in the open land. Really take into within and save them deep.

Step three: feel

For lucid dreaming, you will also need to practice your sensory abilities even through it might seem unrelated to the process of dreaming. In the reality, it is very helpful and you should pay some attention to this point as well. Feel everything that you come in contact with. Feel the texture, temperature and weight of any objects and surfaces as well as the feeling they can give you such as pain or pleasure. Explore the reactions of your body and mind and so on.

Step four: smell

You should be really aware of the smells around you. Forest, earth, room, house, people, animals, perfume, smoke are just some examples of the smells and the entire blends of them you can come across. Smell everything, take notice of the smell and keep registering it inside you.

Step five: taste

It is also highly recommended to become more aware of taste. Take good notice of everything you are eating. Is the food sour, bitter, sweet or just tasteless?

Step six: thoughts

This step might be more complicated to the majority of people as you should take a dive in and observe your thoughts in a non-judgemental way. As you dive in here and have no prior experience of meditation or any other source of knowing you inner world, be mindful and stay calm as much as possible and let them roll by as a film in the old school days without giving emotions to any of the things you are thinking about and letting them just pass.

Step seven: emotions

You should also learn to keep in touch with your emotions. Be one with them no matter whether it is happiness, sadness, anger, guilt or anything else you feel. Feel it so deeply and register their state consciously inside you.

Step eight: breath

Pay attention to your breathing as much as you can and as often as you can.  Notice that there is a different level of consciousness at work when you are paying attention to your breathing than when you are not. Take deep breath and let it out.

Step nine: be aware of your inner I

The last major one is to take notice of everything includes you. Become aware of your self within. IT is not always you who see, feel, taste and speak. Take notice of who observes within. In fact, observe the observer.

Practicing these will soon land you to your first lucid dream experience and if combined with other techniques, this dream state is achieved twice faster.